There are a lot of different sugarless desserts out there, ranging from mousses to cakes. A Google search will turn up many results of low carb desserts. Not only that, one low carb dessert will have so many recipes about it. You might have to spend a lot of time going through all the dessert recipes until you find one that satisfies you. Out of the many low carb diets being practiced everywhere, there are only a few low carb diets that will fit their exacting specifications. You would have to put a lot of thought into making that decision on whether this or that dessert will be acceptable to your particular low carb diet. I want to help you pick out your favorite low carb dessert, but before that, I would like to share my own favorites. Read through the following recipes and descriptions as well as their carbohydrate content. Who knows, it could be quite useful to you in the long run.

First, let us take a crack at the low carb muffin. You can bring these healthy snacks anywhere with you after you’ve made them with little effort. Health-wise, they are much better options as compared to the muffins you can buy off stores since those are mostly packed with a lot of sugar and carbs. If you look at their nutritional facts and compare them, you’d probably be scared out of your wits! Flax meal is the best ingredient in making these low carb muffins, but I also know that coconut meal is a favorite among many recipes. You might want to add fruit or some flavors to the coconut meal muffins since they tend to veer on the bland side a bit. You might also end up with dense muffins if flax meal alone is used. A combination of flax meal and almond meal will definitely perk up your muffin recipe. Baking powder would help in puffing them up and making them lighter and fluffier. Being low carb does not make flax and almonds low calorie, though. So they are good if you are just looking to maintain your weight, but perhaps not great if you’re looking to lose weight fast.

Second, let’s tackle the low carb cheesecake. The uncanny similarity of this dessert to real cheesecake has placed it on my list of dessert favorites. The usual recipe for normal cheesecake is used, but sugar is foregone in favor of artificial sweetener. You can pretty much use any recipe you choose to. There will only be a difference in the crust. Graham crackers are a popular choice to use in the crusts, aside from other high carb ingredients. The cheesecake becomes low carb if the crust is removed or if the ingredients are replaced with almonds and butter. Grind the almonds into small pieces by using a food processor, and then mix it with melted butter. Spread this mixture onto the surface of your baking dish. Afterwards, pour the cheesecake mixture on top. Now all that is left to do would be to pop it into the oven so you can have the perfect cheesecake! Cheese may be low in carbs but the calorie content is quite high. This means unfortunately that low carb cheesecake is not ideal for a weight loss diet. A slice or two once in a while is all right, but eating it daily is not something I would advise.

Finally, let us take a look at the recipe for the dessert chocolate coconut mousse. This simple recipe won’t even require you to cook anything! All you have to do is get together some dark chocolate and a can of sugar-free coconut milk. Not any of those ‘light’ or ‘diet’ ones, either. Mind, do not shake the canned coconut milk. Open the can and remove the lid, then scoop out the thick cream that formed at the top. You can then add the melted dark chocolate to it. Use a hand blender or mixer to blend it well until the mixture becomes fluffy. Let it chill for a while before serving. See? Easy does it!

With so many great recipes, I know it must be tough to choose. The recipes I’ve discussed should help point you a bit in the right direction. I hope you enjoy them!

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