Garages are an ideal option to protect your automobiles. But if you have more than one car in your house, Parking space could become a concern for you. Building a garage for two cars is often expensive and consumes a large space in your house. A suitable and affordable alternative would be carports. Nowadays Double Carports are in trend. They provide a convenient way to park your automobiles safely within a more compact area. The main reason for the popularity of double carports is its luxurious and elegant appeal.

The idea behind carports is to provide proper space to park your automobile away from the street. Comparing it with the expense involved in building a garage, double carports are certainly the most cost effective choice for people with two automobiles. A Double carport is robust enough to protect the vehicles from wind, rain, sun as well as snow.

Carports can be set up easily within couple of days. All you have to do is to choose the place where you want to install it and prepare the ground. Rest everything is taken care by the companies offering carports. Size of the double carport is set typically by two things:-The amount of space available in your house for setting up the carport, the size of the vehicles need to store beneath it. Size of double carport are 18 x 18 x 6 for regular shelters, but carports as large as 20 x 21 x 6 can also be customized to accommodate extra-large cars and SUV’s. People these days are adding a 3-foot rise for a double carport with a gable roof structure to enhance the look as well as the appeal of the property. Clients can easily customize their own carports as per their requirements through a professional carport firm.

Double carports are available in different materials to match your budget. Polyester as well as polyethylene carports are the cheapest however the most portable and generally best for temporary use. On the other hand, aluminum carports are robust and can cope with greater environmental pressure but is more expensive than a polyester carport. Steel carports calls for the most durable and long lasting form of carports. Their metallic durability can tolerate the extremes. Although they may be heavy on your pocket and are immovable, but they provide a reasonable investment for your automobile.

Owning a great carport also adds up the market value of your house and also gives it a unique look. Double Carports provides all the safety measures of a conventional garage yet they are not attached to your house.

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