Unless you’ve had kidney stones before, you may not be familiar with the symptoms. If you have a mild case of kidney stones you may not realize the symptoms but a more severe case is hard to ignore due to the pain. No matter what type of kidney stones you have it’s always a great idea to know what the potential symptoms are.

In the case of kidney stones that aren’t very large, symptoms may be hard to detect and your doctor will have to perform tests to know if you have them. Some people don’t realize they have this problem until their doctor performs a urine analysis or other test. While you can perform urine tests yourself to determine the pH of your urine -whether it’s acidic or alkaline- you shouldn’t try to diagnose yourself based on this, as different types of kidney stones will have a different impact on your pH. Kidney stones can be most easily detected if your doctor does an abdominal radiograph, which produces an x-ray of that part of your body. Your doctor can advise you regarding what tests should be done to verify whether or not you have kidney stones.

Fever and chills are common symptoms of a kidney infection which may also include some types of kidney stones. One type of kidney stones that is caused by bacteria is called the Struvite stones. A common variety of stones in the kidney are typically calcium. Urinary infections that lead to kidney stones can be treated with antibiotics. Symptoms such as fever can be treated with medicines prescribed by your doctor, or certain over the counter remedies. The symptoms of the various types of kidney stones can vary widely, this one usually includes fever and/or chills.

The trade-off with women and kidney stones is it happens less, but making the diagnosis is not as clear cut. What clouds the picture with women is the pain can be similar to menstrual cramps and pain. Kidney stones are even harder to diagnose in women who have other conditions that can cause similar symptoms, such as ovarian cysts. Medical attention is a must-do action to take whenever anyone has this kind of acute painful experience.

Kidney Stones are a troublesome ailment that can produce a variety of symptoms, some of which we’ve mentioned in this article. Some kidney stones are so small as to produce no symptoms at all, or only barely noticeable ones. Kidney stones that are large, however, can be a real problem and sometimes require medical procedures. It’s often possible to prevent kidney stones from returning by making long term changes in how you eat, how much water you drink and the amount of exercise you get.

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