Towle Silversmith Flatware in stainless is a stark contrast to their sterling flatware. Towle takes simplicity and sophistication in flatware to a brand new level with patterns just like the Wave assortment.

Perhaps there exists no other flatware design as innovative at the Towle Wave. It seems as if it’s been inspired by a twig, but fashioned to be a lot more sleek and contemporary having a hint of an natural feel.

Ever so simple, Towle Artic has sharp angular lines. Manufactured in 18/10 stainless, the luster is magnified by the flat unadorned surface. This is a wonderful set for those desiring quality contemporary stainless-steel flatware.

Towle Boston Antique Continental assortment carries on in the same vein as Towle’s other stainless collections; extremely simple and understated. Not like the Artic or Wave, this assortment has easy delicate lines. Like the others, there is certainly no adornment or scrollwork that makes the finish glow fairly well.

The Luxor stainless-steel flatware is relatively angular. Nonetheless, it lacks the sharp corners that other Towle flatware have. The squared tip of the handles is rounded to supply a softer less ridged feel.

With both a shiny and matte finish Towle Magnum is sort of exclusive. It’s a enjoyable design having an untraditional three tine fork and spoon shape. Though it may possibly appear unbalanced having a handle that is both flat and round, in your hand it’s created to be fairly comfortable.

It is obvious what motivated the Seaside assortment; Shells. With all the ridges in the handle it genuinely has a sea shell feel about it.

This assortment, Ourlett, is more ornate than the other collections of stainless Towle flatware, even though nonetheless extremely simplistic. Adorning the tip of every single handle is a band of straightforward rope motif. Just enough design to make it exciting without making it ornate.

The Sophisticate assortment is a cross between the Luxor and Artic Towle collections. There exists only a minor distinction between each of the handles. The Sophisticate is slightly angular, having a flair at the tip and rounded corners.

Irrespective of which type of Towle suits your style, every single is crafted from 18/10 stainless-steel. The finish will be long wearing and they will stay shiny much beyond your expectations. The flatware is well balanced and comfortable in your hand. All Towle stainless is dishwasher safe making it excellent for daily use.

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