The Blackberry Bold 9900 includes both pros and cons, however, at first glimpse, you will see that there are definitely more positive things than negative concerning this awesome phone. Most people will agree that probably two of the best aspects are the easy to use keyboard as well as high resolution touch screen. As far as style and design are concerned, this luxurious mobile device handles nicely and feels great when used. Everything, from the shape to the cool color, helps make the Blackberry Bold 9900 a phone absolutely worth all the accolades.

Quite easily one of the speediest Blackberry phones offered, this super fast phone features the Blackberry 7 operating system. Some reviewers have complained that the phone does not have as many apps as other phones and also the business element is far more advanced than the personal use aspect. The small screen is yet another con documented by those who have reviewed the device. In general, however, the positive elements of the phone outweigh these minor disadvantages.

The Blackberry Bold 9900 is a full featured phone that is currently available for 415. A great point to keep in mind is the web browsing compatibility that works with a multitude of browsers. They’ve replaced the leatherette back with a carbon fiber panel and changed the chrome strip to a nice stainless steel band around the phone. For folks who enjoy taking and sharing photographs with their mobile device, the Blackberry Bold 9900’s auto launching photo app and micro-USB socket make the device extremely helpful.


The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a phone that displays all the makings of a true smartphone. The added features make it not just a routine mobile device for business but also it provides a lot of leisure features for you. This phone is great and should be your next purchase if you are into diverse experiences of smartphones.

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