Anywhere you live on the planet, one of the most delicious local specialties you can eat is seafood. Each nation has its own sort of seafood and fish and you will often find that fresh seafood shops have an adjoining restaurant or cafe; where you can enjoy the “catch of the day” cooked to your taste or have a platter of oysters, lobster, crayfish, and mussels with the aroma of the sea still present.

Australia is blessed to have the best seafood shops on the planet. Every seafood shop has a variety of different seafood, which is tasty even on the display. Australia is bordered by different ocean on all sides and the size of the country means there are fish from warm waters and from the cooler waters south of Tasmania and Melbourne. This versatility translates into a large variety of seafood available in the market.

Because there is so much choice, you can conveniently find high quality, extremely delicious fish at just about any seafood market. There are a lot of different ways to prepare fish and since Australia has a number of bistros that present diverse cuisines including Italian, French, Mediterranean and Asian, you can conveniently find a large selection of seafood dishes. The most famous fish food in Australia is fish and chips. It is fried fish which is served with chips on the side.

You can select any fish you want to from a seafood shop and be positive that you will receive the healthiest food. The main element, which is present abundantly in oily fish is Omega 3. Fish is also typically called brain food and there is a reason for it. It has been established through scientific tests that eating fish regularly enhances the concentration and the memory. Fish is simple to cook at home and quick to prepare.

When you select a seafood shop with a fantastic reputation, you will have the benefit of the store assistant’s expertise. They can advise you on the right sort of fish or seafood for a meal, its provenance and the right preparing method. A quality seafood shop will also cut the fish for you. So that when you go home, all you have to do is toss the fish in the pan.

Seafood and fish are seasonal so your seafood shop will always have an inviting range of different fish as per season. There are a lot of different fish that offer superb taste like the blue eyed trevalla, which has a delicate flavor which is suitable for Asian cuisine or Snapper, which has a mild and sweet flavor making it very suitable for Thai food. There is also seafood which is on the market all round the year and which is well-known all around the world like Prawns, Mussels, and Rock Lobster. Calamari is a versatile fish used in numerous ways specially in Mediterranean dishes. John Dory is yet another very popular and versatile fish that can be served in a number of ways.

You should select a local seafood shop and make the shop owner your friend, so that your diet improves and you enjoy the treasures of the sea.

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