www.gopherforum.com When most landscapers start up their business, they tend to start with a truck only. Then later they may add an open trailer. At a certain point you may be asking yourself whats better to have, an open or enclosed trailer and why? Thats the question one of our new forum members asked and he quite a few responses I think will help you make up your mind as well. Brandon Hi everyone my name is Brandon and I am the president of my own landscape & maintenance corp. I have been in business for 9 years and hope to find continued success long into the future. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some positive and negative attributes of an enclosed trailer as opposed to an open utility trailer to move lawn care equipment from job to job? I have an open trailer now and I am thinking of making the switch over to an enclosed one. Keith: I can think of a few pros and cons of the top of my head. Pros: – Ability to lock. – Protection from rain. – Larger area to put name/logo/phone number. – Looks more professional. – Possible increased slipstreaming giving better gas milage (offset by weight, Im sure). – Ability to put shelves/storage areas. – Protects cargo from rocks kicked up by your truck. – Winter storage. Cons: – Increased cost. – Increased axle and tongue weight. – Inability to load from top (leaves, mulch, dirt). This is the biggest negative I can think of. – Doesnt air out well when mower has wet grass or fuel fumes. – Reduced freedom of movement

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