The Warcraft gold is very important in the game playing. The players should know how to make gold fast. Otherwise they will be nothing more than a skill bar. They need Wow gold to buy items, learn skills and almost everything need money in the game playing. So you should read this guide to figure out how to make gold fast. Try to be a player that never lacks of money.

Choose Gathering Professions

The gathering professions will allow you to collect the materials. You will need the materials to make items. The best professions are the skinning, herbalism, mining and enchanting. You can only choose two of them as the primary profession. You can have several secondary professions too. Make sure you have picked up the fishing and cooking profession. They can provide you with food. When you have leveled up your skills, you can drop the less important professions and take up more powerful professions such as the blacksmithing, leatherworking. With the crafting professions you can create some stuff. The stuff can be sold for World of Warcraft gold or they can be used by your own character.

Get to the Outlands

If you want to get a flying mount, you need to prepare a lot of gold. The Blizzard has designed the Burning Crusade world to make sure you can make a lot of gold. You will get more gold fast than in the Azeroth. It may be better to stay in Azeroth until you get level 60. There is an update about quest for gold and experience rewards in Azeroth. That means you can get new rewards for quest in Azeroth. When you are in the outland, you can begin to farm elemental motes. You will need the elemental motes to create primals. It is needed for the Burning Crusade crafting. Other players are willing to pay large sums for them in the auction house. This is a great way to make gold fast.

Buy Items with a Limited Amount

You’d better spend your money on the limited amount items other than spend them on the new items. You can go and run an instance. If you can complete the quest, you will get some rewards from the game system. That will save you a lot of gold. You can get the items with a limited amount like the crafting recipes and then sell them for a higher price.

Get Better Gear

You can go outland to try new quests. Instead you can run instances to get better gears as well as a great amount of money. You can save the quest for level 70. Some quests will give only 2 gold while other will give 12 gold per quest. When you have reached high level, you can make close to 1000 gold per zone for the uncompleted quests.

You can find many ways to make gold fast in WOW. Here I just list some of the methods. If you can read more articles about this, you will learn more methods to make Warcraft gold. Here I will give you a video about how to make gold fast in World of Warcraft. It is really nice video though it is an old video.

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