If you enjoy being outdoors, doing things with your hands, and having a real, tangible result for your work, gardening may be the perfect hobby for you. Gardening improves the look of your house and so can a tank installation if you choose some more contemporary styles. Read on for some tips!

Installing a rainwater tank can be a very vital part of your garden. It can help you save your monthly money. So while installing water tanks may be costly, the cost will pay off and best of all you’re conserving water.

To rid your plants of red spider mite, use old coffee grounds. Take the grounds and mix them with water in a spray bottle. Head over to your plants and spray all the infected areas. The caffeine in the grounds will help your plants fight off the spider mite, and unlike many other caffeinated beverage, there’s nothing in coffee grounds that will harm your plants.

A great tip to consider when gardening is that you should consider recycling your coffee grounds and reusing your tea bags in your garden. This is important because both of these items will add acid to the soil and help to maintain the pH balance exactly how you want it.

Use crushed egg shells around plants to deter slugs and snails. Save your egg shells, crush them into small pieces, and scatter them around the base of tender plants. Slugs and snails will not be able to crawl over the sharp shells to get to the plant. Also, the calcium from the egg shells makes its way into the soil, which is excellent for plant growth.

Fertilize the soil you are going to plant in three weeks before planting. By doing this, you are helping the soil improve its ability to retain nutrients and water, which are especially important for new plants. There are many fertilizers from which to choose at your local gardening store.

Did you know that a tablespoon of powdered milk sprinkled around your rose bushes early in the season can help to prevent fungus growth on your beautiful flowers later in the spring? If you prefer to use a spray, you can try diluting skim milk and spraying the plant leaves. You want to use skim milk and not full cream as the lower fat content means it won’t turn as rancid.

If your gardening boots and gloves are beginning to develop an odor, try using orange slices! Simply place a orange slice in the boot or glove and leave it there overnight. Oranges are ideal for eliminating the unpleasant smells often picked up in a garden. If you don’t have oranges, limes will work as well.

With these simple tips it is easier then you thought to have a garden that is just as nice looking as your neighbors. Before you know it, you will have the garden that everyone desires to have.

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