Most of us take without any consideration our capacity to move about. Devoid of much thought we zip through our houses collecting what we require, flitting to the neighbors or simply strolling down the road. But for a few folks, just strolling to the neighbors is unpleasant or possibly not even manageable.

For bariatric patients being house bound is hindering their capacity to loose excess weight and be more healthy. They’re surrounded with home medical equipment and supplies, but none of that will do what a bariatric mobility scooter can do; raise the spirit and inspire interaction with daily life itself. Having an excellent psychological state often cannot be achieved when an individual is confined to their house simply because of mobility problems.

With weight capacities as much as 500 lbs., even the heaviest patients could make use of a heavy-duty mobility scooter. Some models are nearly 60 inches long and 25 inches wide. One can cruise along for around fifteen miles at seven miles per hour. Not that there is a propensity for tipping, however anti-tipping devices can be a common feature on these electric mobility scooters.

The bariatric mobility scooters commonly have captain’s chairs in lieu of the stadium design seats. The armrests are adjustable and the tiller. With 13inch pneumatic tires and rear and front shock absorbers, a smoother ride is presented.

From the ground to the deck measures about six inches. This is a minimal height for stepping up onto the deck and in to the captain’s chair. At its tallest point, the top of the headrest, to the ground it measures roughly 56”. Clearly, when the clearance is less than 56” the chair by itself will not fit through, much less with you in it.

In some situations Medicare will cover some of the fees of a heavy-duty mobility scooter, but it is case by case. Working along with your health care provider as well as the healthcare equipment provider you may be able to have your scooter approved and at least have some of the cost paid for. Verify with your private insurance to determine if they provide any coverage for electric mobility devices as well.

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