Hello everyone and welcome to GopherHaul. GopherHaul is a show for entrepreneurs and new business owners. In it we discuss business tips and tricks we have learned over the years and share with you some real world experiences on how to help your lawn care business or any other business grow. A few nights ago I got a phone call from a friend who’s father had just died. He had worked for 35 years and dreamed of his retirement. When he retired he suffered a heart attack. Declining health followed for two years before his body finally gave out. He had dreams of going on a cruise to Alaska with his wife. He had dreams of fishing on his favorite lake. All these dreams are now gone. My message to you today is to make your dreams happen today. There may not be a tomorrow. Do it today. Enjoy your life today. Don’t wait until you retire to have fun. Time is fleeting! Have fun and get your business started today! Now let’s get started with the show. What’s the big story of the month? Our friend Lee Cathey of Tiger Time Lawn Care has really done it. He has managed to attract international media coverage for his lawn care business. I can’t ever remember any lawn care business being able to get so much advertising for free. How did he do it? Bikinis. He was mentioned in China, India, Australia. On the front page of CNN’s site, on Fox & Friends, The New York Times and even in the monologue of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. If you have been active in our business forum, you probably

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