Ferrari doesn’t do innovation drives. Reporters are never usually enabled close to a fresh Ferrari until all the business levels at Maranello have actually signed it off. Moreover possibly offered the once-over by the Pope, simply to make certain.

But the 2012 Ferrari FF is completely different. Not only is this 612 substitute the 1st Ferrari to get four-wheel drive, as well as the first Ferrari to be technically styled as a shooting brake, but it’s also the 1st time Ferrari has actually enabled a progression drive.

Hence the cause we have actually come completely to Arjeplog in Northern Sweden, to be the initial site on the planet to get behind the wheel of this 660bhp FF.

Provided all that, and also the fact it’s among only a couple of prototype FFs on the planet, the Ferrari engineer accompanying it is fairly cavalier regarding permitting me have a go. There isn’t even an explanation of the controls, and also no fussing when the Manettino obtains wound round to ‘Race’.

Jump within it, and also you could understand why. It’s obtained 660bhp, I’m driving on a frozen lake, yet it all feels extremely moderated. Also if you hide your foot from a standing start, it doesn’t fishtail away. The FF just comfortably tries to find the grip.

It’s genuinely excellent things, and also it’s with thanks to the innovative four-wheel-drive system, not any sort of method studded tyres. Ferrari hasn’t simply slapped a hub differential into the FF – it firmly insists that is also heavy, so rather the four-wheel drive is all regulated by electronics products and also a collection of clutches in front of the engine.

Many of the moment, it’s still rear-wheel drive. But if the car’s brain locates wheel slip, it could deliver drive to either or both front tyres using those clutches. And there’s no mechanical link between the front and also rear axle.

Just what does this indicate in reality? Nothing at all, as well as every little thing. Nothing at all, due to the fact that this still drives as being a Ferrari. You could still do glorious strength slides, and also the body doesn’t feel anesthetized by the four-wheel drive set-up. This car is still full of feel.

And yet it also suggests this is the 1st Ferrari that could do every little thing. Snowing outside? Not an issue. Tons of travel luggage for the family ski travel? Ha, the FF laughs in the face of such trivialities using its enormous boot.

Ferrari has actually been creating more and more useful supercars recently, the sort that anyone could drive and also still seem like a cruising god. The 2012 Ferrari FF, on the basis of a brief innovation drive, feels like the greatest yet. Just click here for even more details regarding new Lamborghini Aventador.

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