Some gardeners confuse the concept of dwarfing with the practice of bonsai tree growing. Dwarfing is when a tree is genetically breed over time and over generations to reflect a specific attribute. For example, dogs might be breed over time so that they are faster for racing. A similar concept happens with dwarfing except the tree is breed to be smaller over successive generations. Bonsai tree growing on the other hand is when the bonsai is genetically the same as any other tree and is not breed to be smaller. Instead, by controlling its environment the owners can restrict its size and control its shape.

This is done through the techniques of wiring, pruning, clamping, defoliation, root reduction, grafting and by other means. These techniques take years to master and learning them is said to produce a calming effect on your life. In fact many spiritual and holy men from East Asian countries practice bonsai tree growing as it is said to be similar to meditative practice. This may be because whilst your everyday life is fast and busy, growing bonsai trees is said to be a slow, time consuming process so this helps to contrast and put things in perspective. Also the rewards from watching your tree grow over the years can be very powerful.

When you’re growing a bonsai tree you can start out by choosing a seedling. You can get this from a local gardening store along with a pot, soil and a few other tools to start yourself off. You can also take a cutting from an existing tree, which will slowly grow into its own separate tree. Both of these methods require quite a bit of time for a beginner and so new owner might instead want to pick a young, small premade bonsai that is ready to be styled for the future.

Most people would think of bonsai trees as indoor plants and that most of their time is spent on the windowsill. Actually, Bonsai trees are usually grown outdoors although there are some species that require inside care. This perception of the trees as normally indoors is probably because during exhibitions and competitions the trees are normally displayed indoors. However, in practice most bonsais are grown outdoors as long as the species is suited to the climate in which they are growing.

There are many differences between bonsai tree species and so great care must be taken when choosing the correct plant for your climate. But because of misinformation, bonsai trees are often badly cared for and unfortunately sometimes end up dieing. However, by following the correct instruction and techniques, bonsai tree care doesn’t have to be difficult and can be a very rewarding experience to be had over years of your life.

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