Malta is well known in bird-watching circles for its annual slaughter of birds of prey and illegal spring hunting. Conservationists from all over the world attend camps there in an effort to combat this traditional pastime, and to wrestle the countryside from the grip of 15000 hunters and trappers. For over 20 years the two main political parties in Malta have been hi-jacked by the hunting and trapping lobby, thereby allowing the indiscriminate slaughter of protected species to carry on unabated. Since Maltas accession to the EU the poaching of birds for inclusion in hunters taxidermy collections continues despite the EU Birds and Habitats Directive. Birds, Bins & Bullets follows a group of birdwatchers from the UK as they work alongside the Malta Police Force and Birdlife Malta volunteers in their fight against this illegal hunting. This is about international conservation and about reclaiming the countryside for the birds, and for the people of Malta. Aggressive and abusive hunters, cars blown up and sabotaged, forest rangers and conservationists shot at, nature reserves vandalised and loaded weapons seized by unarmed police officers: This is conservation at the sharp end. Whilst the trailer illustrates the scale of the problem, the full length feature reveals the politics behind the problem and the varying degrees of success that the conservationists and volunteers are having. With your help, they will achieve much more. Visit for details.

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