Google boasts Android 4.1, otherwise known as Jelly Bean, is the swiftest and also simplest version of Android yet. After we took a look at the first Jelly Bean-equipped gadget a couple of weeks back, the Nexus 7, we felt Jelly Bean had much to present users, both in terms of operation improvements and also newer efficiency. In this article, we’ll take particular notice at most of the brand new and also much better capabilities which come with Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean is Fundamentally Swifter –

One of several goals Google had while creating Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was to improve upon the user experience by making the smartphone OS seem quicker and also sleeker. In this regard, Jelly Bean is most certainly faster than its older brother, Ice Cream Sandwich. In real-world utilization, we felt the Nexus 7 was smooth and also very reactive, like we would count on from Jelly Bean. Google features a great video that compares the speed of Jelly Bean with Ice Cream Sandwich if you need to view the distinctions for oneself.

Behind the scenes, Jelly Bean was created to immediately boost the regularity of your device’s CPU the moment the screen is touched, to enable a faster solution. Discerning that you do not need the CPU boost constantly, the OS will turn the CPU clock down when it’s not required to save life of the battery, as is the situation along with other types of Android likewise.

Jelly Bean Notifications With Actions –
Google also improved the alert shade in Jelly Bean by adding actions and also expansion options to the notifications. Whenever you pull down the notification bar for example, you’ll notice the first notification is widened. This is helpful if you wish to view the first few sentences of an email, as an example. You can develop and also acquire other notifications likewise.

You will also discover that numerous notifications have various actionable products. For instance, determined by the notification, you can set a reminder, email guests associated with a calendar event, call someone back in the event you overlooked their call, and much more.

The latest notifications bar is additionally personalized to the scope that you’ll be able to pinch to zoom or perhaps use two-finger swipe on personal notifications to find out more or less details. Like with Ice Cream Sandwich, you can dismiss notifications one by one by swiping them off the screen also.

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