As the world continue to develop, so as the virtual world. A lot of new technologies, modifications and revision of games had been made. The continuous spreading out of games had attracted many people to involve themselves in gaming online. The suppleness of the games had also outstretched the interest and desire for gamers to play. Due to this, Guild Wars 2 release was developed. The game’s founder had to cope up with the fast changing taste of players in games.

The population growth of individuals who play this game had made the developers think of a continuation to the plot. The new version of it features a responsive storyline to the player’s action. The propriety game engine has been modified which made inclusive of a real-time 3D environments, animations and enhanced graphics. The design had integrated the concept of art in to the story in a sense that the story is told to the one playing.

Most concepts of every game are a quest type. Like the first version, the players endure a life-long process of attaining the game’s objective. They go forth and travel, meet companions, battle, and earn experiences for leveling the character’s status. The latest of it, had offered new professions and made use of the environment as a weapon.

A healing character was not pursued by the developers. They have believed that it will be very limited to parties active in the game. Instead, they have put other professions that are not seen in the preceded edition. The levels of it are low as scholars, the middle as the adventurers and the high characterized by the soldiers.

The player’s skills are determined through the race and profession. The battling system is almost the same as the previous game; the players select only 10 skills from a larger pool, wherein an element of strategy is introduced. The slots of skills has predefined roles, the first five is based on the players’ weapon, the sixth is only healing skills, the seventh to ninth will be unveiled as the game goes on. The tenth skill will be an elite skill. The focus of the modified game is quality skills over quantity.

The cap of Guild Wars had been substituted by one capping out of 80. It had paved the way for the development of the character and to help players from forcing into the gameplay that is grind-based. The elimination of the low level cap was actually an adaptation from the original principle of the last edition.

PvP will be introduced in the new edition of the game. It will make the players go in and out ‘on the fly’. A worldwide arena of different professions will be open to any gamers around the globe. There would be corresponding rewards to the success of every player.

The hall of monument will be the place where players will commemorate their past characters from the previous version. There is no way they can carry it with them since Guild Wars 2 release is plotted 250 years after the last game. But these monuments are a good source of points and rewards. If the players have been great, chances for higher point and better rewards are high. A non-combat interaction and a new system of crafting were as well added features which heightened the intensity of the game.

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