From talking to John Bogle Founder of the Vanguard funds to Harry Dent of the H. S. Dent Foundation, David Walker Former Comptroller General and several more on the Radio Show Income Forever. One of our main goals at Aaron Matthews Financial Resources is consumer education, this week we discuss the Three Rules to get a Prosperous Retirement with Matt Dicken founder of Strategic Wealth Advisors. <br><br><b>Rule #1 Safety Comes First</b><br>Safety is given little thought in mainstream financial advice, however it’s application can greatly improve the value of a portfolio. How you might ask. We’re told that growth and risk could make all the difference in the world, however so many have observed in the last 10 years that one or two dramatic losses can eliminate all the effort and from my experience and the research of other experts detail the lean years provide way more anxiety than the joy of good years. If you want to have a prosperous retirement than you can not break the number one rule of safety comes first. <br><br><b>Rule #2 Receive a Reasonable Return</b><br>Greed is the downfall of so many portfolios. The idea that growth and risk needs to be chased at all cost is one of the most dangerous lies pushed upon consumers. Unfortunately many consumers don’t realize just how much they’re paying in fees and that there are hidden fees eating up their returns. What consumers don’t understand is their mutual funds are selling the stocks and bonds that make up their mutual fund at a commission and buying the replacements at a commission. These hidden turnovers are hard to trace and have added up to millions and millions that mutual funds pay out in commissions. Informed consumers follow rule number two for a prosperous retirement.<br><br><b>Rule #3 Make it simple</b><br>Most individuals don’t spend six or more hours in the market and the newest investment strategies every day. But advisors do, well the best ones do and that can lead consumers to buy into complicated language and complex sounding strategies, this has caused many to get caught in ponzi schemes and puts consumers in a rock and a hard place when the market drops. Investment and retirement planning doesn’t need to be so complex that the consumer feels in the dark. A competent advisor must be able to describe their strategies in easy to understand language that’s accurate and makes sense, not just “trust me”. Our clients follow these 3 rules down the path to a prosperous retirement. <br><br><br>Matt Golab<br><br>Matt is an Investment Advisor Representative as well as the Chief Advisor of Aaron Matthews Financial Resources headquartered in Elk Grove, CA. <a href=”” target=’_blank’>Simply click here to find out more about Matt Golab and his company Aaron Matthews Financial Resources!</a>

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